Meat Eating In Islam And Hinduism: A Comprehensive Overview Of Theories

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Dr. HM Azhar Usama , Dr. Tahir Masood Qazi , Hafiz Muhammad Ismail Tabish , Nayab Gul , Muhammad Nasir Masood , Hafiz Muhammad Hamid


This research paper, an extensive review of the rules and ideas of meat eating in Islam and Hinduism is to be presentes that Allah Almighty has made man in need of countless things. The human species is the best of all the animal species. That despite being the best and noblest, man is needier than all other species of animals. None of the other animals needs as many things as man. Most of the objects are artificial, natural objects are less. In contrast, other animals have fewer needs and are natural, physical and non-artificial. To be artificial means that a person makes an object by his own work and effort. Then he gives it a special shape, for example, take cloth, which is one of the necessities of man, it is an artificial thing, then the thread from which the cloth is made is also artificial. Man makes threads before his work and labor, and then threads. However, by working hard, he makes cloth from them. In the same way, man needs bread. Bread is an artificial thing, and the material from which bread is made, i.e. flour, it is also an artificial thing because man grinds the grains by his labor and action and turns them into flour. Of course, the shape of the grains is natural and non-artificial. Being natural means that the grains have been given this shape by Allah. Given. Since most of human needs are artificial objects, that is why the scope of human need and necessity is wider.

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