Concept OF Sacrifice IN Islam AND Christianity (An Exploratory AND Analytical Study)

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Dr. HM Azhar Usama , Dr. Sidra Rasool , Dr. Bareera Hameed , Dr. Hafiz Irfanullah , Hafiz Usman Ghani


This research paper named the concept of sacrifice in Islam and Christianity is to be presented as a research review. Many sects such as Catholics, Orthodox and High Church Anglicans believe in sacrifice, while the Protestant sect believes that Jesus was hanged on the gallows  were Therefore, their sacrifice was also done on our behalf. Now there is no need to sacrifice anymore. A belief of theirs is called Christ's Atonement. According to the Christian world, the meaning of "Christ's Atonement" is that the sin committed by Sayyidna Adam (peace be upon him) by eating the grain was inherited in all his descendants. Therefore, all the children of Adam became sinners, only Jesus (peace be upon him) was innocent. That's why he, peace be upon him, paid the atonement for the original sin by dying on the cross. The Holy Qur'an refutes this false belief In Surah Al-Baqarah, it is said that Sayyiduna Adam (peace be upon him) asked Allah SWT for forgiveness for his ijtihad mistakes and the Lord of the Universe forgave him. When an ijtihad error of yours was forgiven, the concept of original sin was also proven wrong and there was no need for expiation. Even if it is judged by logical arguments, this belief is not correct, for example, expiation is against God's justice because to punish an innocent person (Christ) and leave the real sinners is a clear opposition to justice and justice. Further, in this research paper, the concept of sacrifice in Islam and Christian faith is presented in a clear manner, which gives further guidance to the researchers

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