New Challenges In Pakistani Media's Philosophy And The Aspects Of Social Responsibility

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Dr Abdul Ghani , Dr. Hassan Naseer , Hina khan , Maryam Cheema , Hayder Sarfraz Basra , Samar Abbas


It is a fact nowadays that Mass Media can uplift any nation and it also has the power to create disorder in the socioeconomic progress of any country. If media is used wisely, it can support the development of any nation, and its misuse can create chaos in society by derailing society from the road to peace. It is explained by many media experts that media has also to perform specific duties to society. The same concept is explained in The Social Responsibility Theory. This theory is American based and came on the screen in the decade of late forties. In World War II, a commission named Hutchison Commission was formed on the paper's liberty. It gave a model of performing specific media duties, including truth, accuracy, objectivity and balance.

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