“I Am Punjab, I Am Farmer”: Punjab-I-Yat, An Ethical Resonance From West Punjab To East Punjab

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Hina Paul


The study intends to establish Punjab-i-yat, as an ethnicity beyond time and space. The paper is built on the song titled, ‘Punjab’, sung by Waqar Bhinder, a Pakistani singer. Set against the backdrop of the Indian Farmers’ Protest (2020-2021), Bhinder, claims to have sung the song out of empathy for the Punjab farmers. Bhinder, shares ethnic connection with the farmers in East Punjab, he reiterates, “Our roots are one, our language is one, and we are farmers too” (n.pag.), The song is thus, a symbolic connection of shared descent, language and history. Referring to “Charda Punjab nayi o kalla soch lo, lehnde walon aaoo ga jawab gadwan” (2:10-2:16): (Keep in mind that East Punjab is not all alone, a hard-hitting reply will be given by West Punjab too) gives rise to Punjab-i-yat - a timeless and boundaryless sense of oneness. The Farmers’ Protest and the song, eventually lay the bedrock of the paper to establish various dimensions of Punjab-i-yat. Conclusively, through the song, erupts an ethical resonance from West Punjab to East Punjab, echoing “I am Punjab, I am farmer”

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