Study Of World Religions (A Special Review Of Quranic Teachings)

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Dr. Hafiz Irfanullah , Nayab Gul , Dr.Hafiz Faiz Rasool , Hafiz Muhammad Hamid , Dr. HM Azhar Usama


This research paper named the study of world religions is to present a special study of the Qur'anic teachings that when man was born, he was completely unfamiliar with the concept of religion, and the origin of religion was from phenomenology. The worship of the earth began first and they started calling her Mother Earth. Umhati system of society was prevalent and women had superiority over men. After that, when the importance of men increased, the Amhati system was replaced by Abui system. A change in the concept of divinity took place. As the importance of the heavenly father increased in comparison with Mother Earth, the worship of the sun and the moon began. If we look at the history of the nations, it is known that the sun was considered the supreme deity in most of the nations of the world. Therefore, the gods Osiris and Horus of Egypt, Shams of Babylon, Ashur of the Assyrians were all the sun. The people of Greece, Etruria, Germany, Britain and Scandinavia worshiped the sun. In India from the Vedic period. Since then, "Sun worship" has been done and in Japan, King Mikado was considered the incarnation of the sun started, the time of sowing and reaping was determined by the rotation of the sun, and then solarism began to rise. Man has been a holder of such scattered ideas, which was given a final destination by the last inspired book, the Holy Quran, which will be described in this article.

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