Commerce Graduates In Indian Stock Market: A Comparative Study Of Investors And Non-Investors

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Karthika Ramakrishnan , Prof Dr. G. Raju


In today’s age people are competitive of being successful in life. This is more of wealth creation which requires a lot more of the theoretical and analytical skills. Commerce graduates who have acquired higher degrees will have enough and thorough knowledge of theories and utilities of its application. These can be very effectively and efficiently be incorporated in their spending and investment habits. But the existing literatures prove that there is large difference between knowledge and application of knowledge in investment management skills. Therefore, an attempt has been made to identify the factors inhibiting the highly qualified commerce graduates from participating in the stock market in India. The data for the study is constituted mainly from primary data; collected using structured questionnaire. Factor Analysis and Logistic Regression have been used for analysing the collected data. The financial hindrances, personal constraints, and attitudinal constraints are all factors that prevent highly qualified graduates from investing in the stock market, according to the study's findings. Attitudinal hindrances were determined to have the greatest impact as a reason for lesser engagement among the factors identified. The paper suggest that application of experimental learning must be made to practice by implementing the necessary changes in existing higher education curriculum as it brings the confidence to apply it in real life scenario. Also the application of theoretical knowledge must be made a strong factor for measuring the financial literacy.

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