Socioeconomic Determinants Of Mental Health: Mediating Role Of Empowerment And Social Media

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Dr. Mariam Abbas Soharwardi , Dr. Javeria Sarwar , Muhammad Hamid Nawaz Khan , Aamir Riaz , Afia Naseem , Amrat Shahzadi , Usman Abbas , Umair Ali , Muzamil Afzal , Arslan Arshad


The Mental health development of youth is an ignoring factor in our societies, communities, workplace and even then, in the academic institutions. Every aspect of growth depends on the health and most probability on the mental health. The Purpose of this study to find out the socioeconomic determinants of mental health with the mediating role of empowerment and social media in the perspectives of university students  .

Data was collected from the university students, through simple random sampling technique from the different department of The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Mental health is evaluated through the self-reported questions based on 12 items expressing the feelings, emotions, expressions, depression and anxiety and adopting the scale from poor to good mental health. Data on the socioeconomic determinants, such as parents’ education, income, behavior, age and gender of respondents was collected through online survey.  Empowerment level among the students was measured through three dimensions – decision making, self-confidence and self-esteem.  Social media was measured through usage of three different media Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

The current study found the positive and significant impact of age, gender, parents’ good behavior, and respondents age on mental health in the perspectives of gender.  In mediating role, empowerment and social media are supposed to be enhance the consequence of socioeconomic determinants of mental health. Mental health in youth can be enhance by focusing on the socioeconomic determinants which are the most effecting factors. Students’ resonances to be more relaxed and mentally satisfied whenever they are empowered and well aware about the right usage of social media.

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