An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: Self weighing behaviour of working women with high Body mass index”

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*Dr. Sheela Upendra, **Dr Jasneet Kaur, **Mrs SheetalBarde


Intro:For years, the simple act of self-weighing has drawn a lot of attention and sparked debate. The study objective was to investigate the experiences of working women with a high BMI in terms of self-weighing behaviourMethod :Semi-structured interviews was used . Five people who engaged in self-weighing behaviour were questioned.. Age, employment field, working hours, employability status, and number of children were all asked for in the demographic profile. The interviews were taped, verbatim transcribed, and analysed using interpretive phenomenological analysis.. The IPA technique was utilised to acquire a better understanding of the participants' subjectively lived experiences.. Master themes were determined once five transcripts were completed. Finding:The findings in this study reveals four master themes viz pre occupation, guilt , shame and overwhelm Conclusion :Measuring yourself on a regular basis can help you maintain a healthy weight, but if you are not consistent in losing weight, just weighing yourself might result in the development of negative emotions, which is a loss for the applicant.

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