To find Brand and consumer awareness about cottonseed- A case study in Sabarkantha in Gujarat State

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Dr. M. Geeta


 Seed is the basic and most critical input for sustainable agriculture. The response of all other inputs depends on quality of seeds to a large extent. It is estimated that the direct contribution of quality seed alone to the total production is about 15-20% depending upon the crop and it can be further raised upto 45% with the efficient management of other inputs. The developments in the seed industry in India, particularly in the last 30 years, are very significant. The present study is about the consumer awareness of the consumers, farmers about cotton seed. The place for the study is Sabarkantha, in Gujarat district. The reason to select the particular location is, Sabarkantha is a major cotton producing area in Gujarat. To know the farmers awareness about the cotton seed. The data is collected through questionnaire developed by the researcher to know the awareness and the other factors which determine in purchasing the seeds for cotton cultivation. Descriptive statistical methods are used for analysis. The study is concluded that the farmers totally depend on the distributors for purchasing the cottonseed. Some of them even never know that which organization has produced the cotton seed.

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