Impact Of Low Level Of Education On Health Inequalities In Pakistan: A Descriptive Analysis Of Maternal Health

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Ali Afzal , Fariha Sohil , Hina Tehreem , Muhammad Umair Sohail


Conventionally, the socio-economic condition of maternal has been measured using information about poverty, low level of Education, and geographic Location, or household income. Since the teen aging is a developmental stage characterised by a search for and a move into individual life tracks a shift of focus from socio-economic position of origin to socio-economic position of destination is justified. Education orientation may be used as a major indicator of future social position. The purpose of the study was to elucidate the theoretical link between education and health inequalities in Pakistan. Education is a useful concept in order to detect health inequalities and a powerful way of identifying maternal at higher health risk. The unequal distribution of health and health-damaging behaviour according to educational orientation among teenager turns out to be an important challenge for public health work.

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