Positive Educational Development Through Counselling; Influence Of Prenatal Substance Misuse Use On Children Learning Abilities

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Qurat Ul Ain, Dr. Muhammad Arshad Dahar & Dr. Qaisara Parveen


Background: Present paper discusses the needs of positive counseling strategies and educational development for the children of drug-addicted parents in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan Children born in the families where their parents are drug-addicts were found to be associated with adversity such as negligence that can influence the growth amongst children especially in behavior issues and psychological distress. This paper discusses how the efficiency of academic learning, the psychological status of child has been influenced by violent home environment, parental malpractices, and parent-child conflicts occurs. The consequences of this distress are dire. For coping with these difficulties, the establishment of a suitable counseling program is extremely wanted for every child educational development. The results or impact of parental drug use on children with less counseling services casts a shadow of doubt on the Pakistani education system. This study examined the children classroom problems due to parental drug use and malpractices. The intensity of parenting dysfunction and risk factors associated with the disruptive behavior of children in Pakistan. Sample of the present study consisted of 200 drug abuse parents and their children's ages (6-18) years old, their mothers, and annual academic results for assessing the parental effects on academics.100 drug addiction patients and 100 normal parents who do not use drugs selected from the cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. T test and correlation was applied on the sample. This study focused particularly on children educational performance, which was measured in two groups of children including their withdrawn/depressed & academic performance scores, Group comprised of drug addicted parent’s children versus non addicted parent’s children.

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