Factors Influencing Occupational Stress Among Female Nurses

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Dr. M. K. Durgamani, Mr. R. Swaminathan, Dr. M.Ganesan,


Nursing and Occupational Stress

Work stress can be characterized as a negative physical and passionate response that happens when the activity prerequisites don’t coordinate the abilities, assets or necessities of the laborers. Employment stress can prompt unexpected weakness and even injury to the individual influenced stress can lessen the pleasure throughout everyday life, mess hypertension. Nursing is a holistic and satisfying profession. Yet, simultaneously it can likewise the very unpleasant depends on time and situation. Nursing staff working at the base of the chain of command and in medical clinics are the ones who are progressively worried. Distressing work of attendants may proliferate substance maltreatment among laborers, which they may use to lessen or adapt to pressure.

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