A Study On Remittances In Rural Assam

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Piyali Das


The study evaluates the phenomenon of rural out-migration and remittance received by household in rural Assam. The purposes of study include determining the significant influence of different explanatory factors on remittance sending and considering the remittance in terms of loss of rural young labour force. Based on NSSO, 64th Round survey conducted during 2007-2008 and using binary logistic model, it is revealed that various demographic, social, economic factors viz. household size, age group, gender wise marital status, religion, social groups, household type based on occupation, general education and location are found to have significant influence on the probability of sending remittance to rural household by out-migrants. From the analysis of data, it is shown that remittance sent by out-migrants is not sufficient for rural household in Assam. It requires for proper measures to promote self employment especially non-farm employment to prevent rural-out-migration and turn them into wealth of rural economy.  

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