The Animosity AND Psychoanalysis Excursion OF Mr. AND Mrs. Morel, THE Cast Members IN D.H. Lawrence's Sons AND Lovers

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Muhammad Bilal , Sama Sareer , Salma Hassan , Said Alam Khan


The research is about the animosity and psychological journey of Mr. and Mrs. Morel the leading characters of the novel Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence. The aim of the study is to examination the psychoanalytic treatment of the leading character and to portray insight into the patient’s mind; to show the relationship between the unconscious and conscious mind that an individual describes his or her life experiences that are good or bad. The research is qualitative in nature and theoretical concept of Sigmund Freud is used as a theoretical framework. The purpose is to identify the causes of animosities from psychological aspect about Mr. and Mrs. Moral, a character who adhered to Christianity and is pious, responded to the scenario differently. She occasionally has an id-related angry response when speaking to her husband. Her actions are primarily tied to the superego personality trait that upholds religion, virtue, and morality, respectively. On the other hand, though. Because of his uncivil behavior toward his wife, Mr. Morel personality is associated with the id part of personality. He is also a character that lacks patience due to his beer addiction. As a result of his drinking, he cannot support the behavior of his wife and children. Both characters fall between two opposite extremes, which characterizes who they are as individuals. Mrs. Morel is devout and believes in morality, but Mr. Morel is known to be irresponsible and treat others unfairly.

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