A Study Of Psychological, Physical, And Mental Equality Between Men And Women In Islam

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Saliha Ahmad , Dr. Zahida Shabnam


According to sharia, men are superior to women. This supremacy of men is for the benefit of women, and there is no loss for her in it. As there is leader in every system, same is here, leader is very necessary and important for family system. The Religion Islam do not consider the equality of men and women on physical and natural basis and handover certain matters. if to establish this type of equality it will be contradictory to the laws of nature and the result will come Conspiracy and anarchism into the circle of social and cultural. Before taking into consideration the similarities between male and female in the light of Islam it is essential to explain the opinion of experts of psychological behavior. The first opinion is that there is a huge difference in thinking and understanding between men and women on negative disagreement. Those who are in favor of this opinion are given the name of (gender start) in modern science. The 2nd opinion, is there any reality in similarities and motives between male and female? If it is so, what is the nature of that? Psychologist are agreeing on a point that this is not easy to answer the questions between mental, practical and physical abilities of male and female.

In the view of some investigators, it is observed that woman have more mental ability as compared to men.

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