Academic Achievement Of Students With And Without Learning Disabilities In Inclusive Education

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Kanwal Ejaz , Dr. Muhammad Arshad Dahar & Prof. Dr. M. Imran Yousuf


The current study aimed to explore the progress regarding academic achievement of learning disabled and without learning disabled children. This Research’s extensive body examined the results of inclusion for special need students having learning disabilities. Collaborative team teaching effects explored on the development of learning disabled students. Inclusive setting practices lean towards effective outcomes for this special group of children.   

Method: an experimental study with 2 groups having with and without learning disabilities in inclusive setting with support of special teacher has been conducted. Academic achievement of experimental and control has been compared over fourty days. Children having with and without learning disabilities in experimental group show more progress in academic achievement of English subject. The data was analyzed using t.test.   

To conclude this study Collaborative Team Teaching (CTT) in inclusive setting is an appropriate learning technique for primary students having learning disabilities who need broad support. Recommendations are that parents must be developed friendly environment for their children and build friendly relationship. Importance should be given on the development of such curriculum which would be effective in inclusive setting.

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