Philosophy Of Humility -A Special Study Of Imam Ghazali's Ideas And Theories

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Dr. HM Azhar Usama (Corresponding Author) , Ayesha Tariq , Dr. Shaista Jabeen , Dr. Zill E Huma


This research paper has a special study of the theory of moral philosophy, Imam Ghazali's thoughts and ideas is to be presented. The purpose of human life is to achieve the pleasure of God, and to achieve this goal, good morals are very important. A person should be beneficial to others and no one should be hurt by his personality. According to Imam Ghazali, as long as a person is alive in this world, he is always afraid that one-day lust will prevail after being defeated, so he should always alert. In addition, whenever you see that the nature is tending towards comfort and ease, and then know that lust wants to prevail and all these things are a requirement of moral behavior. They say that in this way, there are countless religious and secular benefits of developing morals in oneself, which cannot be covered by a pen and scattered on the page of a paper, because adopting morals on the one hand leads to the enjoyment of worldly life; on the other hand, one is freed from the happiness of the hereafter. It happens a person's personality is revealed by his manners. His standing, sitting, speaking, dressing, eating and drinking represent his manners and manners and he appears as a successful person in the society and his conduct makes him a good person and the society becomes a witness to him because of his good morals, he gets the guarantee of success not only in this world but also in the hereafter.

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