Reflections Of Contemporary India In Shashi Tharoor’s The Struggle For India’s Soul: Nationalism And The Fate Of Democracy: A Critical Study

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Divyanshi Nayal , Dr. Gowher Ahmad Naik


Postcolonial literature is written by authors from formerly colonised countries. It usually discusses the problems and repercussions of a country's decolonisation, in particular concerns relating to the social and political freedom of the previously oppressed people and also subjects like racism and imperialism. In addition to the aftermath of colonialism, it also focuses on cultural differentiation and transition. This paper aims to analyse Shashi Tharoor’s book, The Struggle for India’s Soul: Nationalism and the Fate of Democracy, through the lens of post colonialism and its aftermath in the Indian society. It weighs upon the dilemma of contemporary India and its reflections on the society torn between civic nationalism and ethno-religious nationalism. Consequently, this can be reflected from recent rise of the question of nationality, belonginess, language, threat on democratic principles, registry of citizenship creation of fake narratives of and distortion of history.

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