Depiction Of Homeland And Belongingness: A Critical Study Of Nitasha Kaul’s Residue

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Sahil Katoch , Dr. Gowher Ahmad Naik


Homeland and belongingness is always a matter of debate when it comes to community group that have either suffered exile or either suffered from a situation of war; Kashmir being itself a subject for which  a war had breakout  between to post-colonized powers, created it a hot spot for stories of prejudices; the people of Kashmir being exposed to wars and political fight remained in misery, but the question yet remain of homeland and belongingness; the people who left Kashmir in fear like surviving Jews in holocaust were they capable to feel the belongingness in their new homeland; rightly this is the question that the research contest to answer; secondary data approach uncovers, that it’s not one’s ethnicity or social identity that make one an outcast but it is rather their mental makeup that makes a person believe— in short, it is schizophrenic mind of a human that makes one believe that one an outcast in the society; a proper metal nurturing is necessary to feel that one belongs to place or one is at home; there is magnificent of parents mental health in shaping home for the children.

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