The Study Of Critical Discourse Analysis As An Analytical Framework: An Electronic Media Discourse Perspective

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Dr. Sadia Siddiq , Dr. Ayyaz Mahmood , Ms Memoona Fida , Dr. Muhammad Abdullah


Fortunately or unfortunately communication in the current age is faster than our expectations sometimes. The culture of disinformation, propaganda, agenda and politically invented narrative easily catches success through the fastest available means of communication without giving an opportunity of doubt or second thought. The more significant in this regard is electronic media or satellite TV channels. Anchor persons appear on the screen of the TV channels soon after the incident and produce their own discourse projecting that they know the all truth about the occurrence. In this scenario, it seems appropriate for the discourse analyst to step forward and analyse the narrative or discourse objectively. Critical discourse analysis is an interdisciplinary approach for investigation of discourse. The study in hand critically analyses electronic media discourse through integrated analytical frame work to highlight various aspects of the discourse which are usually kept hidden or go unnoticed by the viewers in the immediate context.

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