Evaluation The Effect Of Biochar And Organic Materials On Nutritional Value Of Nasturtium Officinale

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Rasoul Namavari , Mohammad Reza Ardakani , Shahab Khaghani , Mehdi Changizi , Mansour Sarajoughi


Watercress has been proven in all previous scientific research as a super and healthy food and free chemicals residue products. Its leaves are the most important organ because they are the richest part in terms of nutrients, phytochemicals, and medicinal. This research is based on methods that increase watercress yield and its chemicals healthfully. The main factors included (without application: a1, biochar: a2) and the sub-factors were (none incubated: b1, incubated azotobacter: b2), (none incubated: c1, pseudomonas fluorescence: c2) and (without application: d1, humic acid: d2). Data analysis showed that four factors treatment had a significant effect on nutritional elements such as N, P, K, Fe, Ca and vitamin C amounts at 1% level. Therefore, the increasing trend in the presence of four treatments including biochar compared to the triple without biochar also shows a significant difference, which indicates the importance of the application of biochar in the culture medium.

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