Factors And Aspects Of Tradition And Modernity In Islam: A Case Study Of Conceptual Aspects Of Madrassah Education In Punjab (Pakistan)

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Dr. Rashida Ahmad & Dr. Attiya Khanam


The study was conducted to evaluate the concept of tradition and modernity historically and then to explore the demands and needs to rethink and reconstruct tradition and modernity of Islam with madrassah education   in Punjab (Pakistan). Tradition and modernity, both are essential; they are recognized as the complimentary means of arriving at the truth. Tradition helps to look back to the origin of life, to the foundations of divine religion and cultures. While modernity, on the other hand is the logical, practical and scientific thought that make human beings to function with their best capabilities in all spheres of life. Madrassah is the traditional school of learning where Islamic knowledge is imparted. It has always played vital role, socially, politically and economically in a Muslim society. Tradition and modernity in madrassah education means evolution of sources of knowledge and different aspects of madrassah education system. It takes into consideration both conceptual and institutional aspects of madrassah education in order to bring it at par with formal system of education. The Study has taken Holy Quran as primary source of knowledge among conceptual aspects of madrassah education system and selected madaris from different sects of Islam to compare and analyze the extent of tradition and modernity in conceptual aspects of madrassah education system in Punjab (Pakistan), which includes sources of knowledge, development of knowledge and rethinking and reconstruction of Knowledge. The study is descriptive and analytical nature, whereby both qualitative and quantitative approach is applied for collection, interpretation and analysis of data.   The study concludes that such a harmonious blend will result in producing graduates well versed in all spheres of knowledge. There is a strong emphasis on the pursuit of madrassah education in the ongoing educational reforms in the country. Identifying researches on madrassah education around the globe, the discussion is broad in coverage and narrow in its focus when we emphasize the tradition and modernity in the madrassah education with special reference to Punjab (Pakistan). The study provides an overview of the current state of knowledge and evaluates the extent and needs of rethinking and reconstruction of tradition and modernity with madrassah education.

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