Numerical Simulation Of A Evacuated Tube Solar Thermal Collector, A Review According To PRISMA Guidelines

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Narcisa Sánchez , Fabián Londo


In recent years, worldwide interest in the use of renewable energies has increased because they are inexhaustible and environmentally clean. The main objective of this article is to review a wide variety of research that is related to recent advances, practical techniques, mathematical models, simulations and appropriate specifications of solar systems for water heating. The methodology was conducted for the systematic review of publications, in relation to the simulation of a thermal solar collector vacuum tubes for obtaining solar energy optimal, is made on the basis of the guidelines PRISM, in the first instance, is appealed to technological tools, we selected the most appropriate and relevant in the databases: Web of Science, Taylor & Francis Group, AIP Publishing, Scopus, and publishers: Springer,Elsevier, IEEE Xplore, Wiley. Finally, a critical and reproducible summary of the results of the available publications on the simulation of solar thermal collectors was obtained. It is important that our society focuses on renewable energy not only for our carbon footprint, but also to decrease our dependence on resources that are depleted over time.

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