Pursuance Of E-Learning In Pandemic Crisis- Evaluation Of Academic Students’ Adaptation Of E-Learning And Comparison Of Traditional And Alternative Learning Systems

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Amber Nawab , Javeria Sheikh , Dr. Subia Jamil , Zubia Begum , Dr. Shaheen Perveen , Ayesha Kiran , Pireh Akbar and Nusrat Usman


The main objective of the study is to evaluate the acceptance of pharmacy students towards swiftly turned e-learning systems. The study design is based on a cross-sectional survey that involves questions based on different authentic studies, which evaluates students’ perspective towards e-learning, the conducted survey includes pharmacy students from different universities of Karachi. The study is divided into two phases, in which Phase-I evaluates students’ preference and attitudes towards e-learning while Phase-II evaluates the status of mental health of students due to e-learning. The study concludes that the general attitude of students towards e-learning is acceptable but consider physical education over the hybrid mode of studies; along with the change in their study, there are many factors that are contributing to their mental health in this current pandemic which is affecting their studies, as they are trying to adapt new normal.

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