Leaders Member Exchange Bond: Examining The Impact Of Leader Member Exchange On Job Satisfaction Through Perception Of Politics

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Muhammad Hassaan , Muhammad Ishfaq Khan


The Leader Member Exchange insight is one of the most venerable perspectives in the leadership literature. The central tenet is that leaders form relationships (LMX) on a spectrum ranging from high quality to low quality exchange with followers. Extending leader member exchange theory, the current study examines job satisfaction as an outcome of LMX quality. Further, it examines perception of organizational politics as a mediator between leader member exchange and job satisfaction. It also examines the employee resilience between the relationship of perception of politics and job satisfaction. Based on deductive approach, cross sectional time lag study was designed. A non-probabilistic, convenience sampling technique was applied to collect data.  The data of 279 respondents were used for data analysis. The results revealed a significant impact of LMX on job satisfaction. The mediation of perception of politics. and moderation of employee resilience were found insignificant. The current research contributes to the leadership body of knowledge and also extends the managerial implications to practice.

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