An Exploratory Study Of Tamil Film Popularity Amidst Youngsters In Kerala, India

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Patricia Michelle Mathias , Melvin Jacob


India is the hub of cultures and a bed of cinema in multiple languages. This research paper focuses on the cinema of two neighbouring states, namely, Kerala and Tamil Nadu from the South of India. While, Malayalam is the state language of Kerala or Keralites, Tamil is the state language of Tamil Nadu in India. The past decade has seen a phenomenon that has been observed constantly in Kerala with regard to some of the Tamil films which are earning massive revenues in Kerala as compared to their own Malayalam films- the language of Kerala itself. Despite receiving coverage of the same in many media outlets, there is a lack of research content in this field. This gap of intellectual observation of this phenomenon is being covered through this research which elucidates data from Malayali youngsters of Kerala who are a prime audience of Tamil Cinema as to why Tamil cinema is much more popular in Kerala despite having brilliant storylines in the state language. This exploratory research has used a quantitative survey research method to reach out to youngsters from Kerala and also carried out a cluster analysis of the sample to study the observation. 

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