The Impact Of Educational Videos On The Academic Performance Of University Students In Distance Learning

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Baber Ali , Dr. Fawad Baig


This study aims to analyze the impact of using educational videos on the academic performance of university students. It examines the impact of exposure to educational videos, attitude toward these videos and motivation for using them on the academic performance. Further, this study also analyzes the moderating effect of area (urban or rural) on the relationship of these three independent variables with the academic performance. A survey was conducted among students of various academic faculties of Virtual University of Pakistan. A total of 400 university students were sampled: 200 from urban areas and 200 from rural areas of the country. The results of this study demonstrate that all of the three independent variables have significant and positive impact on the academic performance of students. However, there is no statistically significant mediating effect of area (urban or rural) on the relationship between each of independent variables and the academic performance.

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