Teaching Methodology As A Cause Of Secondary Level Students’ Learning Difficulty In Chemistry

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Dr. Fahd Naveed Kausar , Quart Ul Ain Khan , Anosha Haroon


Chemistry, by its very nature, is highly conceptual. While much can be acquired by rote learning, real understanding demands the bringing together of conceptual understandings in a meaningful way. The objective of the study was to explore teacher-related causes for students’ learning difficulty in chemistry. The nature of the research was descriptive and quantitative data collection procedures were used to conduct it. The population was comprised of all public and private school systems which have ten or more than ten branches in Lahore. Multistage sampling techniques has been used in it. Questionnaire was used as a data collection tool in the study. Cronbach’s Alpha was 0.879 for reliability. The findings shows that the level of secondary students’ perceptions about teaching methodology as a cause for difficulty in learning chemistry were at high level of agreement. It was recommended that adopting the teaching techniques while teaching the chemistry content according to students’ interest (on the basis of psychological principles) may be easy to learn for students.

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