The Representation Of Female Alienation In Saudi Arabia As A Cultural Phenomenon

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Muhammad Javaid Anwar , Muhammad Akram , Muhammad Naveed Anwar , Usman Kaleem , Muhammad Ansar , Muhammad Sami


Alienation remained the most enduring and prominent theme of women experience literature throughout the past ages. Modern literature continues capturing and depicting this theme. The work of Jean Sasson, titled Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia, appears to relate to the same tradition. The book tells the story of a Saudi princess Sultana. The life of the princess is an epitome of alienation that women face at the hands of men in an outright patriarchal society. Using Jaggar’s theory of alienation and analytical method of textual analysis, the purpose of this study is to explore the facets of alienation have depicted by Sasson in this work. The study contributes to understand that how Saudi Kingdom are alienated by the male supremacy. This research paper aptly evaluates that this book is a post-modernist work of fiction that displays that women of Saudi Kingdom are being alienated and diminished by their own culture. Thus, the researcher has evaluated how narrative components in the text worked as building blocks of Female Alienation in the selected work by identifying narrative aspects in the text through conversation and textual references.

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