The Globalisaton Of Intellectual Property Rights: Enforcement Challenges

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Iqra kiran , Mian tariq javed


This study will analyze how intellectual property came in existence and rise in the world being the strongest part of the world’s economy due to globalization. This study will further analyze the harmonization of laws pertaining to enforcement of Intellectual Property rights. This study analyses and illustrates ways in which three major types of intellectual property rights – patents, copyright and trademarks operate in the sector of industry and the challenges of enforcement of the said rights in the world and developing countries in particular. The current study evaluates this relationship via a unique approach, adopting both a legal and economic analysis. The study starts with a basic concept of intellectual property rights and his historical background has been examined. Thereafter which goes on to examine the globalization of Intellectual Property right and the role of international conventions and treaties in the globalization of Intellectual Property rights. It identifies the unique attributes and problems of the enforcement and demonstrates how contemporary local IP laws can be used to tackle the challenges of enforcement. It is the view of this study that IP laws theoretically can be used to encounter the enforcement challenges and to encourage the creation of more intellectual properties for the greater good of world.

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