The "Philosophy Of Goodness" In The Light Of The Ideas Of Muslim Philosophers

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Dr. HM Azhar Usama , Dr. Muhammad Yasir Madni , Dr. Umm-e-Laila , Dr. Bareera Hameed , Zahid Farooq


This article presents as a research review a wide collection on the causes of moral decay, the perspective of Islam and contemporary philosophical ideas to remedy the degeneration, the theory of ethics of The "Philosophy of Goodness" In the Light of The Ideas of Muslim Philosophers can be partially useful (and this advantage should be taken), but it is difficult to rely on them completely. The main reason for this is that their philosophy of ethics is positive and the balance is missing in the negative virtues which is necessary for a believer to lead a full, active, effective and dynamic life also, due to the passage of time, there have been changes in many cases, due to which it is difficult to apply all the details and details of his philosophy of ethics in the changed conditions. It belongs to the poet of the East, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, who, being close to the present age, understands the requirements of this era more. Allama Iqbal's special quality is that on one hand, he is familiar with Islamic teachings and on the other hand, he is well versed with modern sciences. In his philosophy of ethics, the whole concept of human psychology has been kept. The important thing is that they have tried hard to keep the balance between individual and collective values or in other words positive and negative values.

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