The Beginning And Evolution Of The Philosophy Of Ethics A Review Of The Views Of The Early And Recent Philosophers

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Dr. HM Azhar Usama , Dr. Muhammad Asghar javed , Hafiz Muhammad Arif , Rizwan Ali , Nayab Gul


In this research paper, the beginning and evolution of the philosophy of ethics is to be presented as a research review and the resulting effects and results are described in a research style. The research style of this paper will be narrative. From the literature review, it has been known that ever since man has existed on the planet and since his mental, intellectual and physical actions have existed, morality has also existed because morality is related to human actions, as long as man followed the instructions of God, his moral existence prevailed over his animal existence, a straight, clear and bright road of life was open before him and he walked on it and he continued towards his destination with peace and tranquility, but when he forgot that direction, the path of his life became crooked, peace and tranquility ended, confusion and confusion began to set in, and he also forgot this. Where does he want to go and what is his destination? now he was only a servant of his intuition, emotions, prayers, observations and intellect. Whereupon he started galloping away in guidance. His animal existence prevailed over his moral existence and he fell from the high position of humanity to the lowest cave of animality. The record of history shows that the Greeks first formulated the philosophy of morality based on mere reason and emotions. What the philosophers there opened the door for discussion and research and criticism and investigation on the following questions. The main points of this research are that the readers will get knowledge.

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