Impact Of Teachers’ Expectations On Optimism, Achievement, And Aspiration Of Secondary School Students

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Muhammad Uzair-ul-Hassan , Iram Parveen , Dr. Shafqat Ali


Teachers’ expectations influence the learning of students in different ways. On the basis of these expectations, teachers bring variations in their decisions about students’ teaching-learning process. Our study aimed at examining the impact of teachers’ expectations on students’ optimism, academic achievement, and aspiration in secondary schools. The study being quantitative in nature, using a cross-sectional survey design was used. The data was collected through a questionnaire consisting of four factors comprising teacher expectations, optimism, achievement, and aspirations Secondary School Teachers (SSTs) from five tehsils of district Sargodha, Punjab-Pakistan were conveniently taken as the sample (n=522. Inferential statistics Pearson correlation was applied to find out teachers’ expectations and students’ achievements, aspirations, and optimism with respect to their demographics. The study concluded that teachers’ expectations had a positive impact on students’ optimism, achievement, and aspiration in public secondary schools. The study recommended that teachers must have high expectations from their students with respect to their effort but irrespective of their ability. 

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