Awareness On Silver Russell Syndrome Among the Dental Students

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Akshaya R, Jerry Joe Chokkattu, Dhanraj Ganapathy


BACKGROUND : Silver Russell Syndrome was first described by silver 1n 1953 and Russell in 1954. Silver Russell Syndrome is a rare disorder characterised by intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), poor growth after birth, a relatively large head size, a triangular facial appearance, a prominent forehead, body asymmetry and difficulty in significant feeding. Abnormalities involving chromosome 7 or 11 have been found in 60% of the patients.


AIM : The aim of this study is to investigate the awareness of silver russell syndrome among the dental students.


MATERIALS AND METHODS : A questionnaire containing some 20 questions was created using google forms and it is distributed to the dental students with the help of whatsapp. The results obtained are statistically analysed using SPSS Software. The Chi square test was done and Pearson value is noted. Graphs were plotted accordingly.


RESULTS : The results were analysed and it showed that the awareness of silver russell syndrome was very very less as it is a rare disorder.


CONCLUSION : From the obtained results, it has been concluded that dental students are not that much more aware about silver russell syndrome and more knowledge should be required. And it was very helpful to diagnose this syndrome in future without clarification.

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