Heads Transformational Leadership Style And Its Relationship With Job Satisfaction Of University Teachers

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Sana Rafique , Sadaf Naz , Khurram Elahi , Muhammad Azhar Khan


This study was designed to explore the "Heads transformational leadership style and its relationship with job satisfaction of University teachers." Following were the objectives of the study i) to explore the relationship of heads' transformational leadership style with their teachers' job satisfaction; ii) to find out the relationship of Heads' transformational leadership dimensions with their teachers' job satisfaction. This research was quantitative and descriptive. The sample of the study consisted of all the university teachers (179) from the social and natural sciences departments of the university of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The Census sampling technique was used for selecting a sample for the study. Two scales were used to measure the heads' transformational leadership style and their teachers' job satisfaction to achieve the desired objectives. Collected data was analyzed through Frequencies, Mean, and Correlation analysis. The analysis of the study showed that the majority of the Heads follow a transformational leadership style, and their subordinates are satisfied with their job. A significant positive correlation was found between Heads' transformational leadership style with their teachers' job satisfaction. This study concluded that the Head's transformational leadership style is associated with a high level of teachers' job satisfaction at the university level. It is recommended that the Heads of departments of other universities may follow the Transformational leadership style. Appropriate training and workshops may be organized to sensitize all the Heads of departments about the importance of transformational leadership style.

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