Dysfunctional Family And Its Effect On Mental Health Of Children In Jordan Sonnenblick’s The Secret Sheriff Of Sixth Grade

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Swetha B , Dr. N. Gayathri


A family where conflicts, chaos and fights often take place is known as dysfunctional family. Dysfunctional is defined as poor functioning on the basis of bad behaviour, disrespect, jealous, lack of love and support among family members. This paper highlights the negative impact on mental health of children due to the dysfunctional family and also suggests some coping strategies to overcome it. Harmonious family makes children healthy both physically and mentally. If a family is not harmonious, it affects the growth of children. Living with a dysfunctional family affects the wellbeing and mental health of children. The study analyses the effects of dysfunctional family and domestic violence on children with reference to the novel 'The secret sheriff of Sixth grade' by Jordan Sonnenblick. Materialistic and mechanical life affects the normal family cycle which separates the family that leads to juvenile crime in the society.

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