Developing Study Habits And Skills Of University Student And Their Relationship To Some Psychological And Educational Variables According To The Readiness Law Of Thorndike

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Mohammed Othman Al Mihaisi


The present study aimed to identify the good study habits of Najran University students and their relationship to some psychological and educational variables. To achieve this aim, the descriptive approach was used. The sample consisted of (104) male and female undergraduate students of some faculties at Najran University. The study instrument consisted of a scale developed by Hamdneh (2017) regarding the study good habits after being validated and verified. Findings showed that students' good study habits and achievement were good. In addition, there was a significant direct correlational relationship between habits of good study and students' academic achievement. Findings also revealed that students' academic achievement differs according to the difference in the level of good study habits whether high or low. In light of these results, a set of recommendations were put forward, among which is the importance of investing good study habits to improve the level of students' ambition and increase their academic achievement and their psychological, social and academic compatibility.

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