The Role Of Women In Peace Building Process In The Erstwhile FATA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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Noreen Naseer , Shazia Sultan , Manzoor Ahmad


The basic aim of the study is to uncover the role of women in peace building process in conflict ridden society of FATA, KP Pakistan. For accomplishing this task, qualitative methodology with primary and secondary sources as an instrument of collecting data has been employed. Key informant interviews were conducted in the IDPs camp in Jalozai Nowshera with women belonging to different parts of FATA. Women inclusion in the peace building process in the world in general and FATA in particular is essential for sustainable peace and development. The study emphasizes on the consultation of women in conflict affected areas like FATA to include them in peace process on local level to end hostilities and violence and promote dialogue culture on regional level for sustainable peace. The study argued that how women are the one who are flagging warnings before conflict building and in the prevention of violence in FATA. The different sign that women have indicated before the conflict in FATA has been analyzed in the study and discussed the dynamics that has prevented tribal women from participating in the peace process. The paper concludes that the marginalization of the women living on the borderland can end if included in both formal and informal structures of peace buildings.

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