Role Of Artificial Intelligence During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Narrative Literature Review

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Dr Kriti Singh , Dr Juhi P Pathak , Mr Swarnendu Roy


The COVID-19 pandemic brought in front of mankind an unprecedented challenge. It not only tested mankind's resilience but also the human intelligence to counter the unforeseen and rapidly evolving challenges threatening the survival of the human race. In this pandemic, mankind collectively came together to control the impact of COVID-19  and deployed all resources, intelligence and knowledge to contain it. This paper makes an attempt to focus on one such dimension, which is, the usage of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) used in its various forms by humans to tackle the deadly COVID-19 virus. The objective of the narrative review paper is to identify, examine, summarize, and synthesize the extant literature on the role of A.I. during the COVID-19 pandemic. The main research question of the paper is to analyze how the existing body of literature identifies the various application of A.I. during the COVID-19 pandemic. What were the fields in which A.I. was extensively used during the COVID-19 pandemic? The narrative review paper will only confine itself to the scholarly articles published in the journal. The database identified for locating the research papers includes Proquest, J-Store, Google Scholar,, Scopus, and EBSCO research database. Search terms or keywords identified are Artificial Intelligence, COVID-19, and A.I. are identified. The time period identified for choosing the paper is 2020 onwards as the pandemic COVID-19 commenced during that year. The paper presents major themes, visual data of dominating themes and discussions.

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