Quality Of Life: A Comparative Study Of People’s Perception Towards Plotted And Flatted Residential Units

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Ms. Pooja Singh , Dr. Ritu Gulati


The twenty-first century is witnessing a diverse change in several areas of livelihood and housing. Progressively, the style and pattern of living have diversified over a period of time. This study attempts to explore the phenomenon of quality of life in residential neighborhoods in the city of Lucknow situated in Northern India. It further examines the satisfaction level of residents belonging to the middle-income group towards their respective neighborhoods. Moreover, it tries to search that, due to change in the lifestyle of people living in urban areas, whether plotted neighborhoods or low to mid-rise apartments, impart an enhanced quality of life. A qualitative study has been deployed in comparing data identified during a cross-sectional survey in the identified neighborhoods in Lucknow. Researchers deduce that in a contemporary context, peoples' acceptance towards vertical housing has been on the rise. Additionally, the residents of low to mid-rise apartments feel safer, comfortable, and connected in a community living and exhibit cohesion amongst their co-dwellers. This research study is limited to the city of Lucknow within identified parameters; hence learning may or may not be generalized.

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