The Influence Of Gender Sensitive Obstacial Care Models On Pregnant Women

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Indra Supradewi , Maryanah , Ni Gusti Made Ayu Agung Budhi


The main problem faced by Indonesia is the still high maternal mortality rate, namely live births. Researcher. This study aims to get an overview of the midwifery care model for gender sensitive pregnant women in independent midwifery practice in DKI Jakarta Province. The results showed that based on the research results and data analysis, it can be concluded that the Gender Sensitive Midwifery Care model is a midwifery care approach that focuses on efforts to empower women in order to eliminate gender inequality through strategies to improve women's welfare in accessing available resources, access to health services, awareness critical, women's participation in making decisions on their reproductive rights, as well as the existence of women's control or autonomy. The availability of the Sensitive Midwifery Care model.

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