A Linguistic Analysis Of Religious Content: A Comparation Of Class 10th Textbooks In Punjab And Sindh

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Dr. Samina Sarwat , Bushra Bano , Amanullah Phulpoto , Waheed Shahzad


The present research endeavors to interpret English textbooks of class 10th taught in Punjab and Sindh provinces of Pakistan during the year 2021. It always is considered that the textbooks contain different types of ideologies. The linguistic discourse of English textbooks carries religious content which is the reflection of the ideology of Pakistan. As Islamic republic, one expects the textbooks taught in Pakistan to be full of religious content. So, this research aims at searching linguistic discourse which propagates religious ideologies and the way it spreads these ideologies. The linguistic discourses exemplifying the religious ideologies have been analysed purposefully to highlight which desired religious ideologies have been spread. For this analysis, the researcher has employed three dimensional model of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). The analysis shows that secondary level English textbook taught at Sindh province has 3 lessons and 3 poems in which religious ideologies are spread. On the other hand Punjab textbook taught at secondary level has 3 units and no poem in which religious content is spread. The unusual thing about Punjab textbook is that it has a lesson which particularly informs the target audience about the New Year celebration of Chinese people.

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