Innovation Absorption And Empowerment Adoption Of Competency Formulation And Productive Performance Of Coffee Farmers In Bener Meriah Regency

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Ahadi Arifin , Hendra Raza , M. Ziauddin , Em Yusuf IIS


Gayo Arabica coffee farmers are a precious human resource asset, so they need to formulate competence and perform productively for their future life. This study aims to analyze the relationship between innovation absorption and empowerment adoption to influence the formulation of competence and productive performance of farmers so that they can produce specialty and superior flavored coffee. The object of this research is the resources of gayo arabica coffee farmers in Bener Meriah Regency, with a purposive sampling approach for 200 respondents. The research model tested the hypothesis using structural equation modeling analysis techniques. The results of the study explain that the low intensity of farmers in absorbing innovation is only 40.8% (sig<0.05), and adopting empowerment is only 34.9% (sig<0.05), causing farmers to have not succeeded in formulating their competencies. The low intensity of farmers in absorbing innovation is only 21.7% (sig<0.05), and adopting empowerment is only 26.7% (sig<0.05), so farmers have not been able to increase their productive performance at every harvest time. Real farmers make their competency formulations as partial mediating variables in absorbing innovation and adopting empowerment to achieve productive performance that increases yearly. It recommended designing a central concept of innovation strategy for developing gayo arabica coffee farmers in an integrated and sustainable manner.

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