Social Media And Mean World Syndrome: Effects Of Violent Facebook Posts On Women

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Ms. Saima Iqbal , Dr. Sumera Batool , Dr. Saima Kausar , Naveed Iqbal , Ms, Hina Malik


Facebook is the most widely used platform across the spectrum of social media, which are interactive technologies that make it easier to create and share information, ideas, and other kinds of expression. Facebook gives users the freedom to upload any kind of information, and today's increasing use of content with violent themes is causing criticism. As the consequences of violent content have come under debate, it has altered viewing habits. The objective of the study is to explore whether exposure to women’s violence-based content on Facebook creates mean world syndrome. To explore the problem, a quantitative research methodology has been opted. This study used survey as a research technique and a purposive research sampling technique has opted. Data has been collected from women Facebook users from the five most populated cities of Pakistan. According to the findings violent content makes women feel insecure, fearful, and distressed and they feel the world is a nasty place to live in. The findings are consistent with the cultivation theory’s concept of ‘mean world syndrome’ because people have promoted violence, hatred, and negativity on social media without any basis in truth and authenticity.

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