Awareness Of Idiopathic Harlequin Syndrome Among Dental Students

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N.E.Kaviya, Dr.Jerry Joe Chokkattu, Dr.M.Dhanraj Ganapathi


Introduction: Harlequin syndrome is considered to be a rare autonomic disorder characterised by unilateral facial flushing of the face and sweating with contralateral anhidrosis induced by emotion, heat, and exercise. It is usually idiopathic. Medical or surgical treatments are not required for idiopathic Harlequin syndrome, but social and psychological factors may indicate sympathectomy or botulinum toxin injection.

Aim: The aim of the study is to find the awareness about Idiopathic Harlequin syndrome among the dental students.

Materials and Methods: A survey questionnaire was prepared with 10 questions and was circulated among the general population through an online portal. Responses obtained were tabulated in an excel sheet and analysed using SPSS software and the statistical values were analysed for plotting the graphs. Graphs were plotted and the results were compared with responses obtained from the participated general population.

Results and Discussion:  Majority of the responders 83% responded no for the diagnosis and identification of the syndrome. The results after the analysis of the survey showed that the awareness of the dental students on the Idiopathic Harlequin syndrome was very less as it is a rare disorder.

Conclusion: The study concluded that the dental students are comparatively less aware of the Idiopathic Harlequin syndrome and require more knowledge to diagnose a patient with the syndrome.

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