Resilience In University Students: Propositive Actions As Curricular Axes For Resilience And Permanence At The University Of Pamplona - Colombia

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Ruby Jaimes Ramírez , Andrea Carolina Araque Chacón and Rene Vargas Ortegón


Resilience is understood as the ability of each person to overcome and transform situations of adversity as a positive experiential element from everyday life. The University of Pamplona consolidates strategies to improve academic training seeking a psychosocial balance in university students from integral and inclusive training. To this end, the university has created “Resilience Training,” which seeks to promote life skills and give continuity to the life project of each of the participants. The study aims to generate propositive actions as curricular axes for resilience and academic permanence of students in the different careers and specialties of the University of Pamplona, Colombia. The research is framed in a methodology based on mixed methods (quantitative-qualitative) supported by methodological complementarity. It is concluded that it is imperative to generate proactive actions to strengthen resilience and permanence in young university students from their knowledge and the recognition of their skills as allies for the consolidation of their life projects and social welfare.

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