Deterioration Of Islamic Morality Among The Muslims: Causes And Remedies (Analytical Study Of Burhān Aḥmad Fārūqī’s Thoughts)

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Dr. Muhammad Riaz , Dr. Muhammad Waris Ali, Sonia Bari


A strong morality is an outcome of solid religion and vice versa. Islam is a revealed religion with all its parameters complete and perfect in efficiency and functionality. The Muslims have been bestowed upon with a blessing of guidance by Allah; the revealed guidance in the form of the holy Quran and the role model who is a practical formulation of the revelation-The Prophet. Moreover, the Prophet of Islam considered the establishment of morality as an objective of his prophethood. The Muslims successfully acquired an ideal society and a model city-state in the earlier years of the promulgation of Islam. But, after some centuries and particularly in the nearest centuries the Muslims could not retain the moral standards propounded by the Prophet. What were the reasons of the deterioration and can we escape from this miserable and perplexing plight. The Movements and the individuals' struggles for the revival of morality had been carried on, and successes were also there, but the outcomes remained dreams. Dr. Fārūqī (1905-1996) with his peculiar philosophy played a vital role in awakening the Muslims. He not only enumerated the causes but also prescribed the solution to the issue. In this study, the causes of failure to retain the morality have been highlighted, and the practicality of remedies has been discussed and analyzed from an Islamic perspective. By targeting the causes of downfall and adopting the philosophical methodology of Burhān Aḥmad Fārūqī the Muslims can resume their dignity.

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