Resigning From School: Contributing Factors In Perspective Of Early Grade Teachers

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Dr. Rukhsana Durrani , Dr. Humaira Akram , Dr. Nosheen Swar


Early childhood education is the most crucial period of schooling. It is the stage where children develop attachment with their teachers in school. Therefore, the teachers play an important role in their learning. But unfortunately, majority of the teachers of early grades of private sector in Pakistan resign from schools continuously therefore, the aim of the study was to investigate the factors influencing resigning of teachers from early grade schools. For this purpose, 189 teachers of early grades were selected through random sampling technique from private schools. A questionnaire was developed on five-point Likert scale and data were collected from the selected teachers through questionnaire. Data were analyzed by using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Findings of the study show that the major factors which became a cause of resigning from schools by the teachers were inadequate opportunities of professional development, excessive workload, lack of compensation and improper evaluation system for teachers. The research study recommends that the private schools may develop a proper system for retaining their teachers which include training programs for professional development, proper system of evaluation which provide positive feedback to teachers for improving their performance and a well-defined criterion for workload of teachers.

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