Aligning Organization And Human Resource Management Practices For Business Strategy

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Nora A. Mothafar , Maryam Khokhar , Nida Zehra , Farhan Zeb Khaskhelly , Muhammad Haris Mirza , Muhammad Asim Rafique , Ali raza


The study examines key human resource management challenges faced by emerging sectors such as local businesses and services compared to Pakistan's corporate sector. Over the years, human resource management HRM resources in these organizations has not received the desired level of attention and this has widened the gap between practices done in organizations as per their size. Due to poorly trained staff, persistently dogged behavior and obsolete organizational structure, local companies, services and small family owned businesses are governed in an orthodox fashion. The private corporate sector has strategies that can be observed and implemented in every mature business and how they can be used to avoid difficulties in organizational progress. As a result, two broad categories of HRM practices have emerged: informal HR and formal HR. The study was qualitative and relied directly on key information collected through systematic questionnaires provided by student bodies and answered by experts from various institutions. To observe corporate sector practices banking sector has been selected on the basis that they have a formal and committed HRM division with methods and strategies that have advanced throughout the timeframe. In contrast, not many small local organizations demonstrate the importance of HRM because they have few employees in their HRM department. Most local companies do not even have a formal, dedicated HR department, and in that sense HR departments do not play a significant role in such organizations.

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