The Use Of Interactive Methods And Literary Lessons And High School Education

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Kosimova Dilfuza Kurganovna , Abdurakhmanova Sokhibakhan Abdusalamovna , Akhrorova Nigora Sabirovna , Abdukadirova Shakhnoza Gafurovna


Effective training is possible when the competency, practiceoriented approach, active and interactive teaching methods are used. Currently, a focus in teaching students is on the role of independent work, the organization of practice, physical training of the graduates, the fund of evaluation tools, inclusive education, quality training of the teaching staff, as well as the active and interactive teaching methods. The active and interactive methods allows sharing information, receiving feedback, solving together the arising problems, simulating the educational situations, evaluating one’s own behavior and the actions of other participants, diving into the real atmosphere of business cooperation in solving problematic issues. Various methods exist of interaction between the teacher and students: cooperative learning methods, group discussions, debates, business simulation games, case situation analysis, project method, social-psychological training, moderation, computer simulations, and others. Thanks to interactive methods, the students form the professional competences, develop analytical thinking, mobilize the cognitive powers, an interest in new knowledge is awakened, and the creativity of personality is revealed.

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